Monday, March 31, 2008

CGtalk art contest (finished background)

This is a pencil and ink sketch that I will use for the background of my "uplift universe" CGtalk contest entry. I had to scan it in three parts because the drawing was about 8.5 x 11", so there may be some visible seams. Once I get more finalized designs for the characters I will composite them in and begin to paint. I may have to zoom in a bit because there is a lot of dead space in the composition, but I think the rocks and roots have an interestin pattern and I'll try to keep as much of them in the scene as possible.

CGtalk art contest designs

Some more images for the CGtalk "Uplift Universe" contest. I am trying to find more interesting designs for the alien characters, and make the human characters more animated. These are pen sketches with a bit of clean up in photoshop.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

CGtalk challenge(part 2)

Here is a composite of all my separate character sketches for the CGtalk alien art contest. I think it looks good so far, but I still have to designs costumes for the characters, and maybe push the alien designs a bit. I'll have to work on the gestures a bit, so that the story (which I have not thought of yet) will be more clear. I will also add a second fire in the center of the group to act as the main light source.

CGtalk challenge(part 1)

These sketches are for the newest CGtalk challenge, dealing with human-alien relationships. I'm a big sci-fi fan but I havn't done much work dealing with non-human characters, so I thought this would be a fun project to start up. I've never done a fully finished digital painting, and having a deadline means I'll be more likely to finish the piece. My Idea for the contest is scene with "space hobos" camping around a fire. I thought this would be a good opportunity to show a diverse group with an interesting variety of clothing, gear and foods. I also think the campfire will be a great light source, and provide a centre of interest in the centre of the composition. In the background there will be a space-port with all types of flying ships so its clear that this is a futurist scene. I'm still planning out the poses and expressions on the characters, I'd like keep the scene interesting by telling little stories and insert a few jokes. Here are the first batch of drawings.

character design drawings

These are character designs I submitted for various projects. The first three pages are different versions of the same characters while the last is a collection of designs. These characters where for flash-animated projects, so they had to have a strong graphic look. I like to start with a few quick and simple lines that desfine the shape and outline of a head, before working out the details. Sometimes you hit upon a design that works, and instantly communicates the personality and attitude of the character.

pen drawings (a few more)

Some more pen and paper drawings, ranging from rough sketches to finished work. I usually start with a quick and loose drawing, that I clean up on a separate piece of paper. The fight scene is a composite of two separate drawings, the character in the foreground is in the early rough stage, while the character in the background (red sonja) is cleaned up and ready for colour.