Thursday, October 12, 2006

Monster Creature Scene Concept

This is the concept image for my entry in the last CG talk competition. The contest had a "journey" theme, and I added the key and matches to hint at a backstory for the characters, and provide a reference to show thier tiny size. The idea was that some person had done something to them, and now they where out for revenge. I like the colour designs, which where based on various tropical tree frogs and lizzards. The second image shows a hand drawn image I was going to use as a bump map for the characters scales. Alexi

Monster Creature Wireframes

Here are a couple wireframe images of three monster creatures I modeled recently. I was going for a funny and cartoony style with a moderate amount of detail. I planned to use them for a CG talk digital art contest but I did not have time to finish. I got as far as U.V. mapping the characters was preparing to rig them (just enough that I could pose them for the image). I like the designs and I'm waiting for another opportunity to use these guys. Alexi

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Complete Image; Airship and Town

Here is the whole scene composited together, as I submitted it to the contest. The clouds and ocean are composited with photographs and some photoshop trickery. It was a difficult composition, and in retrospect I would have liked the town to take up more of the space in the background. Also, I think I should have made a thicker layer of clouds instead of the ocean, so that the city itself would be up in the sky. When I put together my next demo reel I will try some new variations on the compositing and layout. Alexi

Character design

Here is a render of the character I used in the CG talk spectacular challange, based on my braviators series pitch. The design is based in WW2 era technology and fashion, combined with some sci-fi and fantasy elements. I wanted the flight-pack device to look like it would fun to fly (even though landing it would be a problem). It took me some time to arrive at the current colour scheme, but I think it worked out well in the end. The only problem is that some of the decals came out backwards in this render. I'm planning on rigging the character and flight-pack one day soon so i can do some animation with it. Alexi