Wednesday, November 15, 2006

flying tank car thing

Here is a cool model I made for the 2d show Grossology. It gets rendered out in a toon shader for the show with two tone colours and black outlines, which is why I made the stripes out of 3d geometry. It does not get used too much in the show, which is a shame because it has a cool design and I rigged the wings, treads and the rear suspension. I even made one of the characters in 3d, just for fun.



hi alexi,

just thought i post something here, i can't believe there isn't more people commenting on such great work here

btw came to see you through alberto and bobby

this one reminds me of the cyberbike from tron and the tank from g.i.joe

i'll be checking in more


Riggi said...

Would love to see that Abby model in full detail!