Thursday, September 14, 2006

link to art gallery site

For my first entry I'll give a link to my galley on photo bucket. I've been uploading all the drawings and sketches I can dig up, as well as renders of 3d models and some oil paintings.
It's not in any kind of order, though most the images at the begining are the most recent, and then art from the last three or four years is all mixed together on the other pages. Some of the 3d models have names next to them because they are for work (made for the t.v. series miss spider, ruby gloom, grossology and backyardigans) here at nelvana. I'm going to be posting my newest art and 3d images on this site from now on so I can add explinations and get some feed back.

Here is thethe link to my gallery:


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Bobby Chiu said...

yay alexi has a blog! whoo hoo!